The ACPA develops turnkey solutions for industrial automation for various industries and products. With significant experience gained in the design and manufacture of equipment for electrical and electronic products, the ACPA has also worked in other areas, including automotive, robotics manipulation, and conveyors.

Innovation, quality, robustness and reliability factors are present in all projects of the company, a move that encompasses the entire development cycle, from concept to the study of the assembly and maintenance of equipment. The ACPA also provides, according to the specific requirements of each client, only the service of mechanical and / or electrical design.

One of the first companies to use advanced computer assisted designed tools, the ACPA rigorously defines its equipments threw 3D models, that allows the visualization of mechanical movements, detect any sort of collisions and interferences. The next stage are generated the 2D drawings for production, in which every single component are manufactured if necessary. These tools and methodology allows ACPA to possess a high control, flexible and fast response time on the project .